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The new DC-96 Midi Decoder controller card that enables SAM or Draw Knob Stop Actions in the Console to be controlled by the Hauptwerk Combination settings.  The DC-96 controller cards is for the most part, Plug-N-Play, requiring no configuration files to write or programming.  Midi Channel, Midi Note Range and MODE options are all set with simple DIP SWITCH setting.   Mount the card in the console, connect 8 to 18 volts DC, Midi IN and Midi OUT cables and connect the Stop action ON and OFF coils.  Simple DIP SWITCH selection for the Midi Note Range and Midi Channel,  No programming or software code writing required.  Each Controller Card can operate up to 48 individual SAM's or Draw Knobs. 

The DC-96 features the SMART STOP ACTION that controls the stop action current usage.  First and most importantly, current is sent to ONLY Stop Actions that are to be changed.  This means that if there is a group of twenty stops that are ON and with the next combination piston action, two stops are changed, ONLY those two stops receive operating current.  This feature greatly reduces the large current surge that is common with other systems.

The second feature of the SMART STOP ACTION,  Current Sense happens when the DC-96 cards are communicating with the MIPC-1A input cards.  The Current Sense function with control how long current is sent to a stop action coil, up to 500 ms or until it receives a message from the MIPC-1A card that the stop action has operated. This is a very useful feature for slow operating actions.

In addition to the advanced Stop Action Controller, the DC-96 can be configured to control up to 96 lamps for Lighted Piston, Lighted Draw Knobs or Rocker Tables  with a simple DIP Switch change.  In the LAMP Mode, the outputs become an ON-OFF Switch to Ground output controlled from Hauptwerk and the Stop Action.

New: the latest update to the DC-96 includes the ability to1 control actual ranks of organ pipes from Hauptwerk.  Two new DIP Switch setting have been added to Enable the Pipe Driver Feature and selected either the 16' or 8' Pitch starting note.  After the switch settings are made, Auto Detect the rank in Hauptwerk for the 8 or 16' pitch and the setup is complete.  The DC-96 and Hauptwerk combination make for one of the simplest pipe organ relays to install.

The DC-96 is available with Negative Output switching Coil Common POSITIVE, or Positive Output Switching, Coil Common Ground.

The Self Test Mode, when enabled will switch each output ON than OFF in sequence.  This feature can be used to test stop actions, lamps and pipes for correct wiring.
For the next or current VPO project, look at the New DC-96 Midi Decoder/Controller.


  • Stop Action controlled from Hauptwerk and others.
  • Negative Switching., Positive Switching
  • Easy setup for driving Pipe Organ Ranks.
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Crystal Controlled CPU.
  • SMART CONTROL, sends current to Only stops that need to change
  • Selectable Midi Channels 1 to 16, DIP SWITCH SELECTABLE.
  • Midi Notes 0 to 127, selectable in groups of 24 notes, DIP SWITCH SELECTABLE.
  • No Configuration files to write or program.
  • Midi In and Midi Out Jacks
  • Midi Through
  • Power Supply Voltage 7-17 Volt DC operation.
  • Pull to Ground Output Switching, coil commons are connected to Plus Organ Voltage.
  • Low current, 12 ma. per card.
  • DC-96 measures 7.4" x 2.4"
  • Easy stop setup in Hauptwerk.
  • Cable Connectors Included
  • Now with SELF TEST MODE
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Full instructions are available in the Downloads section


Currently in stock

Negative switching version: 0

Positive switching version: 0

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