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 The PIC-1 will generate midi channel and note data pedal boards up to 32 notes.  There are four analog inputs for up to four Swell Shoes.   Wiring is direct from each pedal key contact to the matching input terminal on the PIC-1.  There are no diodes and matrix wiring required.  Midi Channel and Swell Shoe Enable are set by DIP Switch's, no configuration files required.  For VPO installations that require only a pedal board midi encoder, the PIC-1 is the ideal choice.

  • Up to 32 Pedal Inputs.
  • No Diode Matrix Wiring.
  • Midi In and Midi Out Jacks
  • Crystal Controlled Microcontroller
  • Swell Shoe, Crescendo Inputs analog inputs.    
  • Molex Plug-In connector or 34 Pin Ribbon Cable Connector
  • Negative Switching Inputs, Pull To Ground to send Midi Data.
  • DIP Switch Midi Channel 1 to 16 selectable.

Full instructions available in Downloads section.


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