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With the growing interest in Virtual Pipe Organ projects and prospect of converting manuals, a pedal board and stop keys to a matrix wiring configuration, a circuit and card was developed that allows use the existing organ console wiring. The MIPC-1A features 64 inputs that requires no diodes or switch buss rewiring, simply connect a wire from each key or stop contact to the corresponding input on the MIPC-1A. 

The MIPC-1A has been designed to make the installation as effortless and easy to understand with two types of wiring options.  To further simplify the installation, there are no programming codes write or install.  Simple DIP Switch selection for Keyboard/Stop mode, Midi Channel and Four Analog (Swell Shoe) functions.

The MIPC-1A Input to Midi Controller is the best and easiest to install device for that VPO project.


  • No Configuration files or Programming required
  • 64 Inputs for Keys or Stops.
  • Crystal Controlled Microcontroller
  • DIP Switch Selection for MIDI Channels 1 to 16
  • DIP Switch Selection for Keyboard Mode, starting Midi Note 36 or Stop Mode, starting Midi Note 0
  • DIP Switch Selection for Stop Mode Midi Note Range, 0-63 or 64 to 128
  • 24 Additional inputs for Pistons in the Keyboard Mode, or Stop in the Stop Mode.
  • Up to 4 Analog Inputs for Three Swell Shoes and Crescendo
  • No Matrix wiring conversion required.  Use existing organ wiring.
  • Ground Switching Keying, terminal inputs pull to Ground.
  • Two 34 Conductor Ribbon cable or KK-100 Series 12 Pin Molex connectors.
  • MIDI IN and OUT Jacks 
  • MIDI Through
  • Power Supply Input, 7 to 17 Volts DC.
  • On board 5 Volt Regulator for the IC's.
  • Low operating current , 10ma.
  • Easy setup in Hauptwerk
  • Cable Connectors Included
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Full instructions are available in the Downloads section

The MIPC-1A-HV offers the same functions of the MIPC-1A except the Terminal  Input are POSITIVE keying voltage.  The Terminal Input voltage can range from Plus 7 to Plus 17 volts D.C.  NOTE:  The MIPC-1A-HV is available only with the MOLEX KK-100 series connectors.


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