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Our MIDI keyboard stacks and midified pedalboards now come with two stereo jack sockets for attachment of standard off-the-shelf expression pedals.  The following are examples of compatible expression pedals:

Bespeco VM16L

Bespeco VM18L

Yamaha FC-7

Behringer FCV100

In order to be compatible, an expression pedal must be of the "keyboard" type, not the "in-line" type. Suitable pedals will be fitted with a 3-segment 1/4"jack plug, with the potentiometer's slider connected to the central segment ("ring") of the plug, and will have a total impedance not less than 10k ohms.

Some pedals have a switch to reverse the polarity. This is not essential for use with Hauptwerk or Miditzer as there are settings within the software to provide this function.

If you have another type of pedal, we will be happy to test it to see if it is compatible. In some cases we may be able to modify pedals to make them compatible. This includes pedals recycled from disused organs.

The option of attaching expression pedals to the keyboard stack is intended for those users who don't already have expression pedal(s) as part of a MIDI pedalboard (or don't have enough). Many users won't need to use this option.  Stacks can be fitted with additional expression sockets if required, up to a maximum of 4 for a 2-keyboard stack, or 6 for a 3-keyboard stack.

Warning: A "Technote" expression pedal bought on Ebay from seller "Scotsman26777"  was discovered to have non-standard wiring, even though it was advertised as being compatible with well-known keyboard brands. However, a simple modification corrected the problem and it then worked well. (Not yet known whether this was a one-off fault, or if they are all the same).

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