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MIDI Encoder Boards

(May 31, 2013)

For those who want to do their own organ midifications, John's Organ Works is now the British and European agent for Flighttech's range of MIDI encoding and decoding boards. Three products are currently being stocked.

The versatile MK-03 board provides encoding for various numbers of keyboards, pistons, expression pedals and stops in four modes. For example, in mode 1, a single MK-03 board covers two 61 note keyboards each with up to 23 pistons. Diodes, ribbon cable and sockets are included.

The MIPC-1A board provides 61 inputs for keys, plus 24 pistons, plus four expression pedals. Avoids the need to solder up a diode matrix.

The  SD-2 card is for driving Stop Action Magnets (SAMs). Each card controls up to 24 stop units.

The website will be updated with more information and photographs shortly. Meanwhile, please ring or email with your requirements, or check out Flighttech's own website at

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