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Adjustable Keyboard Stand


When putting together a console for a Virtual Pipe Organ setup, it isn't always easy to find a suitable support for the keyboard stack. Many tables won't be quite long enough for the legs to straddle the pedalboard, nor tall enough to give sufficient leg-room. We are therefore developing a simple stand, compatible with either type of keyboard stack, and designed specifically for this purpose. One important feature is that the stand will be height-adjustable by means of screw-in feet. 

Organ consoles are notorious for ergonomic deficiencies, and not being able to accomodate the fact that organists come in all shapes and sizes.  Even an adjustable seat is something of a luxury, some taller church organists have had to resort to propping the bench up on hymn books! The virtual pipe organ enthusiast who puts together a console from a number of separate components has some advantages in this respect, as there is more scope for adjustments to be made. Since there are three elements involved - bench, pedals and keyboard(s) - it should ideally be possible to adjust the height of two of them (and it doesn't particularly matter which two) with respect to the third. We are following the strategy of having the pedalboard fixed, and the keyboards and bench adjustable. The adjustable keyboard stand, coming soon, is the first part of that strategy. An adjustable bench will follow later.

Features of adjustable keyboard stand

* Long enough to straddle a 32 note pedalboard

* Wide enough to accomodate three-keyboard stack

* Folds flat for easy transport

* High rigidity when assembled

* Height adjustable by means of screw-in feet

* Cut out beneath keyboard area to increase legroom (effectively lowering keyboards)

More information and pictures will be posted on the website in due course.


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